The Legacy Story


People   |  Pride  |  Passion  |  Performance

Legacy, LLC celebrated its fifth anniversary January 1st, 2020. We are a truly unique enterprise because of the way we were formed and what we value.

Legacy’s story begins with three women, Linda Manning, Mary Howell and Kathy Sinicropi, who all started in the property management business in different areas, at different times in their lives, but all came to work together as Leaders within the same company. One of the significant things that all three women have in common is we all started at the entry level in the property management industry and learned the business from the ground up. We each focus on different aspects of the business; but come together to jointly make key decisions for Legacy’s operations. 

In January of 2015, we purchased the multifamily portfolio from Unified Management Services and formed a new company Legacy, LLC, basing the company’s culture on the principles of People, Passion, Pride and Performance. Our property management firm centers on a strong belief in personal, professional, ethical and efficient customer service, and is governed by family values; thereby setting Legacy apart from other property management companies.   

The original goals for all three Leaders were to; protect the 180 employees and co-workers, to preserve the contracts and long-term client and employee relationships the three partners had established and developed, and not turn them over to a third-party ownership group who did not have the history, knowledge, relationship, values or culture established by the original company founders or this current team. We accomplished that goal and believe the key factor to Legacy’s success is the continued dedication to our employees and clients. A heightened level of communication, industry involvement, and education has enabled us to delve into the specific needs of each community and provide the best possible service to meet those needs. 


Legacy’s strong reputation is directly related to our ethics, responsiveness to its clients’ needs and attention to detail. Developing strong partnerships with our clients leads to well-defined mutual goals and clear expectations. This transparency allows Legacy, LLC to quickly achieve and exceed our client’s expectations. 

We were awarded our WBENC certificate in February and are proud to promote our Women’s Business Enterprise status. This certification affirms we are a woman owned business and enables our team more government sponsored opportunities, the ability to pursue and promote key women’s business issues, and provides access to further mentoring, education, and capacity development.    

In 2018, Legacy, LLC established Legacy of Illinois, LLC and in 2019 we embraced Ms. Sheri Tucker as our fulltime partner and managing broker to expand our footprint in the Illinois market. We are poised for growth and look forward to creating new partnerships in the region.

Linda Manning stated Legacy’s venture perfectly: “It has been an interesting journey over the past 5 years, but we have gone back to the “basics”, which has enabled us to continue to fulfill our mission, pursue our vision and live our values. We look forward to continued growth and carrying on with the same passion and traditions we’ve created for our employees and clients. We are in this journey for the long haul and look forward to the future”.  


Accredited Management Organization


We are a premier property management company with deep roots within the housing management industry. We are an IREM Accredited Management Organization® with our main office located in central Michigan, however, we offer services to a vast area in the Mid-West region. Our services include a multitude of housing markets including Affordable, Commercial, Condominiums, Cooperatives, and Market/Apartments. Legacy is committed to meeting all Fair Housing requirements.